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Within each of us is a tremendous capacity to heal and be well; the power of nature.

Meet One of the World’s Leading Authorities on Natural Medicine

Dr. Murray believes that diet, lifestyle, attitude, and natural medicines are the key to optimal health and healing

Dr. Murray has dedicated his life to educating physicians, patients, and the public on the power of nature. As a recognized leader in his field, he has been referred to as the “Voice of Natural Medicine.”

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Murray has compiled 65,000 scientific studies and authored over forty books, including the Textbook of Natural Health for health care practitioners and The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine for the public. This website is the accumulation of those findings.

Chief Scientific Advisor at iHerb

Doctor Murray has been a big fan of iHerb since the beginning. He knows the values of the founder and the vision of what he and his team want to accomplish. It starts with offering the best natural products and the best possible value.  

A New Approach to Anti-aging and Longevity

Doctor Murray does not think it is enough to live longer. The desire should be to live better and stronger with a tremendous amount of health, energy, fulfillment, and joy. If focus is put on accomplishing these goals, then living longer will naturally take care of itself.  

Doctor Murray Superfoods

Doctor Murray has taken superfood to a new level. 40 years in the making, the natural product industry's best known naturopathic doctor has brought forth a best in class line of functional powders to set a new industry standard for taste and clean label functionality.


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Building a Supplement Program: The Importance of a Foundation

Building a Supplement Program: The Importance of a Foundation

Building a Supplement Program: The Importance of a Foundation Introduction Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, other food factors, and herbal compounds. The very term dietary supplement indicates these compounds are supplementary measures for your...

Dr. Murray’s Personalized Supplementation Plan

Dr. Murray’s Personalized Supplementation Plan

Dr. Murray’s Personal Supplementation Plan   I frequently get asked what supplements do I take. So, here it is as detailed in my latest book, The Longevity Matrix. You will see that I take a lot of supplements. The way that I organize them is by creating a little...

Vitamin D3 is Important in Autoimmune Disorders

Vitamin D3 is Important in Autoimmune Disorders

Introduction Vitamin D has a well-established role in calcium metabolism and bone health, but recently there has been a great deal of research looking at the effect of vitamin D on other body tissues, especially immune cells. It is now known that there are vitamin D...


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