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28 Days to Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your
Mind and Create a Lifestyle You Love

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WEEK 1 – The Power of Personal Commitment


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  • How to Set and Achieve Your Goals
  • The Most Important Motivating Question You Can Ask
  • Creating Your Personal Success Journal
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success: Getting Your Gear in Order
  • Core Principle: How Eating Low Glycemic Impact Foods Matters
  • The Key Dietary Principles for Every Meal
  • Effects of Stress and Sleep on Your Weight Loss Program

WEEK 2 – How to Control Your Blood Sugar & Appetite


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  • The Keys to Improving Your Insulin Sensitivity
  • How to Plan Your Meals (to cut cravings and feel naturally nourished)
  • Core Strategies While You’re Traveling and Eating Out
  • The Importance Adding of Raw Foods in Your Diet
  • The Truth about Drinking Water & How it Will Support Your Goals
  • Understanding the Natural Aids to Blood Sugar and Appetite Control
  • Why I Like to Eat Dark Chocolate Every Day (and you may want to do so too)





WEEK 3 – How to Increase Your Fat Burning Metabolism


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  • How to Lose Weight with Exercise – The Art of Building Muscle to Burn Fat
  • Strength Training and the Role of Protein and Creatine
  • What are the Exercise Benefits Beyond Weight Loss
  • The Best Exercises for Maximum Benefit (It may not be what you think)
  • Creating Your Effective Exercise Program that You Can Stick To
  • An ‘Interesting’ Way to Lose Weight
  • Several Natural Aids to Boost Your Fat Burning Ability

WEEK 4 – Simple & Effective Strategies to Keep It Off


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  • Why Calorie Counting Matters
  • How to Deal with Change and Adjust
  • Your Own Road to Self Actualization
  • How to Make Personal Modifications That Work
  • The Importance of Rewards and Celebration
  • How to Establish YOUR Rules to Keep the Weight Off
  • How to End Strong and Keep the Weight Off for Good

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Here’s a Summary of the Content & Bonuses:

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  1. FAST-START Video Series to Give You the Key Success Principles
  2. A 28-Day Online Video Program on Natural Weight Loss
  3. Worksheets and PDF Exercises to Keep You On Track
  4. LIVE Webinar with Dr. Murray with Question & Answer Sections…PLUS
  5. BONUS #1: The 3-Day NATURAL Juice Cleanse Plan
  6. BONUS #2: NATURAL Weight Loss Cookbook
  7. BONUS #3: The Heart and Cholesterol eBook
  8. BONUS #4: Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia eBook
  9. BONUS #5: A Four-Day Sample Menu + Shopping Checklist

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