Did you know, that a nectarine is considered a smooth skinned peach? Native to China, peaches peaches702and nectarines were spread to the Middle East and Europe by the Roman Empire. Today, the largest peach producing countries include Japan, Australia, and South America.

Nutritional Highlights:
    ·     Both peaches and nectarines have high levels of potassium, carotenes, flavonoids, and natural sugars.
    ·     One medium sized peach, about 3½ ounces, contains 49 calories.
Health Benefits:
    ·     Peaches and nectarines are good sources of carotenes, and the flavonoids lycopene and lutein.
    ·     The carotenes and flavonoids found in peaches and nectarines are effective at preventing macular degeneration, heart disease and cancer.
Both peaches and nectarines are best June through August. If a peach is ripe, you should be able gently apply pressure to the skin, creating a small indent. Wonderful on their own, or added as topping to a salad, peaches and nectarines are a bright and healthy addition to your summer menu. Try grilling your peaches outside on the barbecue and topping them with honey for a great warm weather dessert! For more Healing Facts.

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