cantelope Cantaloupes are one of my favorites. Muskmelon, incorrectly referred to as cantaloupe, is one the five most frequently purchased fruits in the U.S. A true cantaloupe is a completely different melon native to France, named for Cantalupo, a former papal villa near Rome. Although no true cantaloupe is currently grown in the United States, the muskmelon was introduced to America in the colonial era. It is now grown and marketed under the name cantaloupe.

Nutritional Highlights:

  • One pound of cantaloupe is only 150 calories, and contains excellent levels of carotenes, and potassium.
  • A single cup of cantaloupe fulfills an individuals daily value of vitamin B6, and 90 percent of the daily value of vitamin C.
  • Cantaloupe is also rich in dietary fiber, folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamins B3, and B5.

Health Benefits:

  • Cantaloupe consists the compound adenosine, which is currently used to treat people with heart disease as a way to thin blood and relieve angina attacks.
  • Because of its high levels of vitamins and nutrients, cantaloupe contributes to an overall feeling of well being and health.

Best in the summer time, cantaloupe makes a perfect warm weather snack. Consider serving it with lime juice and sorbet, yogurt or cottage cheese. Cantaloupe is also a great addition to any fruit salad recipe. For more facts about the nutritional properties and benefits of cantaloupe and other foods, you can purchase a copy of the The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods here.

Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

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