How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine

by Michael Murray, N.D. & Dr. Michael Lyon M.D.

Riverhead Books

ISBN: 1573222593

October 23, 2003

400 Pages / Hardcover

In their new book, How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine, Dr. Michael Murray and Dr. Michael Lyon, two of America’s foremost experts on diabetes and natural medicine, show readers how to prevent diabetes, cope with the disease if they already have it, and even reverse its effects. A combination of dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation strategies – all geared toward increasing the effectiveness of conventional practices – are clearly delineated in this comprehensive and user-friendly guide.

Helpfully divided into three major sections (prevention, treatment, and dealing with complications), this arsenal of disease-fighting tools taps into the body’s amazing ability to heal and help itself. Drs. Murray and Lyon provide a blueprint for reducing risk by exploring the role that attitude, personality, emotions, lifestyle, stress and sleep play in the prevention and treatment of the disease. The evidence-based natural medicine they offer draws on cutting-edge research and their real-life experiences working with thousands of diabetes patients.

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