How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine

by Michael Murray, N.D.

Riverhead Books

ISBN: 1573223433

September 26, 2002

256 Pages / Paperback

A New Tool in the Battle against Cancer

Cancer is a dreaded disease for good reason. The biggest, perhaps, is that most of us have watched helplessly as this disease has robbed the body, mind, and spirit of someone close to us. Despite dedicating significant resources in the battle against cancer, conventional medicine alone has failed. Granted, there have been some tremendous advances, but for the most part we are losing the war on cancer. One of the key reasons is that conventional medicine has long ignored the greatest healer of all – nature.

How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine is a valuable resource that provides not only the latest information on dietary and supplementation strategies to prevent cancer, but also the critical guidance that the cancer patient desperately needs in winning their battle. Whether you want to prevent, treat, or deal with the side effects of conventional cancer care, Dr. Murray and his coauthors offer a comprehensive program of dietary measures and the proper use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural measures.

You need this book because if you don’t follow the guidelines we present your cancer risk will be at least three times greater than if you do follow our recommendations. And if you have a family history of cancer it is even that much more important to follow the guidance we present because your cancer risk is higher. Simply stated, we provide a clear path to changing the environment within your body so that it will not support the growth of cancer. We provide a simple test to find out your relative risk for cancer and if you have cancer we can help you provide the support you need to help you fight the disease or deal with the side effects as well as enhance the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine provides a practical, focused program will carefully detail how natural medicines can:

  • Significantly reduce your risk for cancer.
  • Effectively change the internal environment to prevent cancer formation.
  • Improve the detoxification of harmful cancer causing chemicals before they have the chance to do their damage.
  • Protect against chemotherapy or radiation therapy causing cancer in the future.
  • Bolster the cancer patient’s immune system.
  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce the common side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Slow down cancer growth with natural compounds that are selectively toxic to tumor cells.
  • Lower the risk for recurrent tumors.
  • Significantly increase the chances for partial or complete remission–a cure.

The program given is not based upon theory. It is based upon our real-life experience working with cancer patients. The authors have treated thousands of cancer patients successfully with the program detailed in How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine. This experience has helped us learn firsthand what works and what does not. The book contains a massive amount of useful, practical information organized in an extremely “reader friendly” format. If you want to prevent cancer or if you have cancer, then you have got to get this book!

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