Total Body Tune-Up

by Michael Murray, N.D.

Bantam Doubleday Dell

ISBN: 0553581945

August, 2001

400 Pages / Hardcover

How would you like to put your body in peak running condition? How would you like to repair the damage done by daily stress, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins? How would you like to slow down — even reverse — the aging process by cleaning out the sludge that causes bodies to fail before their time?

In this remarkable new approach to holistic medicine, Dr. Michael Murray N.D., one of the leading naturopathic doctors, shows you how to use the latest information in natural medicine to customize a program that will have your body running like new. Take Dr. Murray’s self-tests to pinpoint your health priorities. Then join him for a fascinating guided tour through each of the body’s major systems.

Circulatory System:

  • lower your blood pressure without pills
  • keep your cholesterol in check with a vitamin derivative
  • stop varicose veins with a treatment that’s better than surgery

Immune System:

  • foods that bolster your defenses against cancer and other life threatening illnesses
  • herbs that stop a cold…fast!

Digestive System:

  • discover Germany’s number one natural remedy for digestive problems
  • what’s dangerous about antacids
  • how to stop heartburn with DGL.

Brain and Nervous System:

  • natural remedies for memory loss and depression
  • brain boosting vitamins and herbs

Detoxification System:

  • cleanse your liver with an ancient herb
  • revitalize your system through safe fasting

Endocrine System:

  • a no-cost way to burn fat
  • new ways to achieve crucial hormonal balance and reduce stress

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