I just wanted to say thank you.  Because of you Dr. Murray, I’m still not on any prescription drugs at age 79.  I have followed the suggestions in your books for about 15 years.  Successfully, I might add.  I have your 3rd Edition of Natural Medicine, and a few months ago I could barely walk across the room,  had zero breath, plus a bad cough.  It was reoccurring Bronchitis.

I went to see a lung specialist and he wanted to give me a round of antibiotics (without testing to see what I had) and put me on Steroids. I refused, and told him I had ordered Umckaloabo and it would arrive the next day. It arrived, and I began taking 40 drops in a small amount of water, three times a day. For the next five days, I went through boxes of tissues, but at the end of five days, I was breathing deeply, and walking without difficulty. On the 5th day the nurse called me to let me know she had good news, my test (that I had to ask for) came back negative. So, antibiotics and steroids would have solved nothing!

I still take 40 drops each night for maintenance, and it is keeping me clear and breathing normally. Thank you so much again, I tell everyone about your books, and how much you have helped me over the years.

I have had medical problems over those years, but when I’m told I have a problem and they suggest a prescription, I tell them to let me try to heal naturally first, and if that does not work they can have their way with me. Then I open your book, find an alternative and it always take care of the problem. I also take some of your supplements. The quality is top notch.

Blessings to you and yours

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