April 18th, 2011

Grape Seed Extract Important Recommendation in Type 2 Diabetes

Increased oxidative stress is a major risk factor for chronic complications of diabetes.
Individuals with diabetes typically have elevated levels of free radicals and oxidative compounds.
these highly reactive compounds bind to and destroy cellular compounds. they also greatly increase
the inflammatory process by adding fuel to their destructive fire via increased formation of
inflammatory mediators like C-reactive protein.
One of the critical goals in diabetes prevention and treatment is to flood the body with a high
level of antioxidant compounds to counteract the negative effects of free radicals and
pro-oxidants. two critical antioxidants for diabetics are alpha-lipoic acid and
proanthocyanidin-rich extracts.

Grape Seed Extract  in Diabetes
the beneficial effects of proanthocyanidin-rich extracts like grape seed and pine bark
(Pycnogenol®) extract in battling the complications of diabetes are numerous. Proanthocyanidin
• are more potent and effective against a broader range of oxidants than the traditional
antioxidant nutrients vitamins C and e, beta-carotene, selenium and zinc
• Increase intracellular vitamin C levels and preserve important antioxidants like glutathione
• Protect against damage to arteries and other blood vessels
• Decrease the leakiness and breakage of small blood vessels, preventing easy bruising and
promoting wound healing

New Data
One of the major complications of diabetes is an increased risk for heart attacks and stroke. In a
very detailed
4-week double-blind study, grape seed extract (600 mg/day) was compared to a placebo in 32 patients
with type 2 diabetes. Results showed impressive reductions in markers for inflammation and
oxidative stress. For example, whole blood glutathione levels were 3595 mmol/l in the Gse group
compared to 2359 mmol/l in the placebo. the level of C-reactive protein was 2.2 mg/l in the Gse
group and 3.2 mg/l in the placebo group. to
achieve these reductions within one month’s time is significant.