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January 18th, 2012

magnesium glycinate

Q. I have read that magnesium glycinate is the best form of magnesium because it is better absorbed and does not cause constipation. What do you think?


Dr. Murray: Let me be very clear here is NOT a single human study ever conducted with magnesium glycinate and absorption studies in animals show that magnesium glycinate is NOT better absorbed compared to popular forms of magnesium. Most statements on magnesium glycinate are completely without merit – that is a polite way of saying they are false and ignorant. It is hard to understand the rationale where these statements come from. It’s baffling to me. I think some people and companies are simply taking the data from iron glycinate and trying to extrapolate it to magnesium glycinate. There is no question that iron glycinate is a nice form of iron, but the absorption of iron and magnesium are significantly different so we cannot extrapolate the data on iron glycinate. With magnesium the key is easy ionization of the magnesium versus facilitated (carried) absorption as with iron. While iron supplements are constipating for some, magnesium salts like magnesium hydroxide and chloride can cause a loose stool. Magnesium bound to Krebs cycle intermediates like citrate and malate as well as aspartate have significant support in the medical literature including many clinical studies.


March 31st, 2011

L-theanine and Sedative Actions

Your article on L-theanine says that higher doses like 600 mg exert sedative actions. Can 300 to 400 mg put me to sleep? I take 200 mg and it deepens my sleep but does not put me to sleep. My doctor said to try going up to 300 and then 400 mg. Someone I spoke to on the phone who sells Taiyo’s Suntheanine L-theanine said that it will deepen sleep but will not put you to sleep. If it does help put you to sleep, can one develop a tolerance to the dosage, so that it might not work as well in the future? Thank you.


Yes, taking higher dosages, e.g. 600 mg, seems to produce a sedative effect. You may want to try my Tranquil Sleep formula instead. Also, please follow my recommendations from my Condition Center for Insomnia. I don’t think you would develop a tolerance to either.

Good luck,

Dr. Murray

February 10th, 2011

Enriching Greens and Spirulina

Hello Dr. Murray,

I am a big fan of your endorsed Natural Factor supplements, and I have a question. Of all the green drinks I have tried, I really like Enriching Greens (now Greenrich, I think) the best. I have read conflicting information about spirulina and wanted to know if you are aware of any concerns about consuming that ingredient over time? I know most green drinks include spirulina, and I have a feeling you would not endorse its use unless you feel it is totally safe.

Thank you,


I think the concern is due to the presence of some heavy metals in some spirulina products. The spirulina in Enriching Greens (GreenRich) is organic and goes through extensive testing to ensure heavy metals like mercury and lead are below acceptable levels. I think Enriching Greens is a fabulous product to take daily to flood your body with life-giving phytochemicals that will enhance your antioxidant and detoxification mechanisms.

Thanks for your question,

Dr. Murray